Supermarket and Palengke COVID safety pointers

During this pandemic, safety is indeed first. But frequently, you see people flocking the wet and dry market and grocery stores without doing social distancing. Metro manila covid cases have greatly increased recently. We are approaching nearly 60,000 confirmed cases. It’s not too late to make a difference and prevent the spread of disease.

The Palengke is one of the crowded place here in the philippines. Its easy to see how cases might spread through everyday shoppers at the wet and dry market. Here are some things to remember when going out to buy groceries.

Dont remove your face mask at any point

Wearing face masks during grocery shopping is a must and removing it at any time puts you and other shoppers at risk. If possible, dont remove your face masks especially when you’re in a crowded palengke. 

Limit your interaction with others and stop unnecessary talk

We all have to talk at one point but if possible, avoid talking non essential talks like gossiping ang small talks. The more everybody talks in the grocery store, the more chances of spreading the virus from carriers. It’s also worth mentioning to avoid laughing and coughing as this might cause spreading. 

Always sanitize your hands every time you touch something and avoid touching your face. 
Viruses will live in surfaces for a few hours. In a crowded place like the Palengke or supermarket. Everything is touched by somebody at one point. It’s important to be wary of touching things and sanitize properly after doing so. It’s also important not to touch any part of your face as this can cause viruses to travel from your hands to your mouth, nose and eyes.

Shop as fast as you can and always go straight home

Only go out when necessary and shop fast as you can. The faster you shop, the less time you get expose outside. And after you finish shopping, go straight home. Don't window shop or go to places. Go straight home and stay home if possible. And remember, always consider buying your items at