How to safely store your meat

Our meats are freshly cut from the wet market in the morning. Here’s a guide on meat storage that you should know. 

Refrigerate as soon as possible

It’s advisable to refrigerate meat as soon as it is delivered. Meat, when exposed to heat, is at risk of spoiling or getting a rotten smell.

Don’t wash your Meat

Washing your meat before freezing puts it at risk of cross contamination. It is better to just freeze it as soon as you get it. Cooking it will remove possible bacteria  in the future. 


When you freeze meat like chicken, beef and pork, it lasts up to months. However, on the fridge, meat lasts as follows:

Chicken - 1 - 2 days

Pork - 3 - 5 days

Beef - 3 - 5 days