How to protect yourself from COVID if you decide to shop in "Palengke"

Ordering items online is really convenient and easy. But sometimes, you just can't help to go outside. You miss shopping - buying and choosing your own items. Here are some tips on how to stay protected if you decide to go to the Palengke.

Face Masks - Not just ordinary disposable face masks, if possible n95s. Face masks are our ultimate protection against droplets that fly through the air

Gloves - Gloves protect us when we grab different items that harbor viruses.

Face shields - some think that face shields are overkill but reality is, face shields help a lot from keeping viruses at bay.

Hand Sanitizers - after shopping, make sure you brought your sanitizer and sanitize your hands as often as possible. 

Social Distancing - if possible, stay at least 1 meter apart from other people specially the ones with no proper masks.

Hurry up. Don't window shop and don't take too long. The longer you are in the palengke, the longer you are exposed.