How to cook the Ilocano style Pinakbet

One of the most delicious Philippine dish is the Pinakbet. Each have their own variation but the Ilocano style Pinakbet is one of the best version to try. Here’s how you make it. 





String beans

Kasim Meat

Alamang / Bagoong


Tomato sauce


1. Boil meat for a few minutes until cooked and set broth aside.

2. Sautè meat in a large pan, add some salt to taste, add some oil.

3. Put Tomatoes and eggplants, sprinkle some salt and cook.

4. After a few mins, add String beans.

5. Add some pork broth that we set aside a while ago and add alamang or bagoong to taste.

6. Put 1 sachet of tomato sauce to bring out a red color.

7. Put in the Ampalaya and Okra.

8. Add the srimps and adjust taste using your Alamang or Bagoong.

9. All Done, yummy and easy to make Ilocano style Pinakbet for every hardworking Filipino.