How to cook the Bagnet Sisig of the Philippines

Everyone loves Sisig. From locals to foreigners, sisig has a special place in our hearts. You can eat it with rice or have it with a beer, most local bars have their own sisig variety on their menus. Recently, a special kind of Sisig has been emerging - the super crispy one, the Bagnet Sisig. The classic Bagnet style of cooking pork combined with the classic Sisig recipe just work wonders. Here’s how you make the Bagnet Sisig.


Pork liempo cut into small cubes

Minced Onion and Garlic

Fresh Onion

Salt and pepper


Magic Sarap

Green chilis


1. In a medium pan, pour oil and put into medium to high heat

2. Fry pork liempo until crispy then set aside (Optional: Double fry, fry first in low heat, let it cool down and fry in high heat)

3. In a seperate pan, cook minced onion and garlic until brown

4. Add pork cubes and add salt, pepper, magic sarap, mayonnaise

5. Add fresh onion and green chilis and half cook.

OPTIONAL: Add raw egg and mix

Viola! Your crispy Bagnet Sisig is ready to serve. Try this addictive recipe!