How to cook Philippine Lechon Kawali

The Philippine Lechon Kawali is very dear to every Filipino. That crunchy texture with every bite is truly addictive. Top it with Atsara and Mang Tomas Sauce or dip it in spicy vinegar, have it as pica pica with beer, eat it with rice, there are numerous ways to eat this. Plus, if you are looking for a quick bite, it's super easy and fast to make. Here's a crunchy recipe from Savvys.


Pork Belly, cut into cubes

Water for boiling

Knorr Pork Cubes

Garlic and pepper



1. Tenderize the pork belly by boiling it in water, add Knorr pork cubes, pepper and garlic to make it more flavorful.

2. Remove water thoroughly and out oil in medium to high heat

3. Deep fry until golden brown

(optional: double fry to make it more crispy)

4. Serve with sides of Atsara, Mang Tomas and spiced Vinegar

Enjoy eating! Don't forget to get your ingredients here at Savvys.